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anna scherbina

Assistant Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Management, UC Davis

Professor Scherbina joined the Graduate School of Management in July 2007. Prior to that, she worked at Harvard Business School. Professor Scherbina’s research is concerned with investment management, behavioral finance and empirical asset pricing. Most recently, she has studied why even seemingly sophisticated mutual fund managers may irrationally hold on to stocks that have decreased in value.

Scherbina’s work has been published in the Journal of Finance, Review of Finance, Journal of Investment Management, and the Quarterly Review, and her research has been covered in the financial press, including Financial Times and Smart Money Magazine. She has been a reviewer for numerous national and international academic journals and has presented her research at some of the world’s top business schools and research institutions.

Scherbina received her Ph.D. in finance from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. She has a BS in management information systems from Polytechnic University in New York.

Professor Scherbina teaches Corporate Finance and Real Estate.

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